[Her Love in the Force] Shusuke Soma~ MS1: Meeting Him


Soma was… well I don’t really have much of an opinion on him really.. just meh. Maybe I’ll play through his stories again and see if I missed something!


Episode 1

  • I figured they wouldn’t listen
  • Observe the situation

Episode 2

  • Why go that far?
  • Say it’s because you’re busy

Episode 3

  • Try to get a better look
  • Ask to stay

Episode 4

  • Probably
  • Do I really look like her?

Episode 5

  • Stare at Goto
  • Watch the situation

Episode 6

  • Deny
  • Try to be modest

Episode 7

  • Ask why
  • … Understood

Episode 8

  • Hit their solar plexus
  • I trusted you

Episode 9

  • Thank them properly
  • I’d love to

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