[Star-Crossed Myth] Krioff~ Main Story~ Forbidden Ending


Here we go with Krioff’s Forbidden Ending which took me several attempts to get… guess I must be a Blessed girl at heart!

Forbidden Ending

Story 1

  • Ask Leon what he meant
  • “I want to ask Zyglavis about this”

Story 2

  • “…”
  • “I don’t want to go back, but…”

Story 3

  • Help Dui
  • “Anyone is fine”

Story 4

  • (I know, but)
  • Leave the matter of the glove be

Story 5

  • “I don’t know”
  • Don’t ask until he brings it up

Story 6

  • “Why?”
  • “Anything is fine”

Story 7

  • “So-so”
  • Talk to Haruka

Story 8

  • “I wouldn’t have fallen in the first place”
  • Don’t say anything for now

Story 9

  • A delicious dessert
  • “Forget about me”

Story 10

  • I don’t know
  • Consult with the Gods

Story 11

  • Call Krioff’s name
  • Call his name

Story 12

  • Call Krioff’s name
  • Don’t say anything

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