Update 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I realise we’re already 6 days into the new year but oh well, I’ve been busy! Just finishing off a 36 hour stint in work so I’m more than a little knackered and homesick!!

One good thing about time away from home is that my attention is finally away from my blasted xbox! I’ve gone on a huge spending spree (I’m so sorry wallet!!) and bought quite a few new routes, so in the next few days I’ll be playing through them and then making some new guides! Yay!

As it stands I’m currently typing up a few older guides- Actually, more accurately (and as I’m typing this) I’m gritting my teeth and trying not to smash my phone up as I go back through Goto’s Tethered Heart route trying to get his Happy Ending…. gaaaahhhh, I’ve restarted the route so many times because I keep cocking up episode 4… oh well. Maybe this time I’ll get it right!?

I mean I’ve already done the route once and gotten the Happy Ending but do you think I could remember what answers I picked? Nope.

Quick little list below for you of the games/guys I’ve bought in the Voltage sale! I usually like to post lists in alphabetical order, but Goto is frying my brain so I’m listing them as I’ve written them in my book!

  • Bad Boys Do it Better- Keiichiro Minase (MS)
  • True Love Sweet Lies- Naomasa Sakura (all stories)
  • After School Affairs- Shinichi Kagari (all stories)
    • ”                          – Hidetaka Sera (MS)
  • Kissed By the Baddest Bidder- Mamoru Kishi (MS)
  • Samurai Era: Code of Love- Isami Kondo
    • ”                                      – Toshizo Hijikata
    • ”                                      – Sanosuke Harada
    • ”                                      – Hajime Saito
    • Main Story for each of those guys ^^
  • Scandal in the Spotlight- Takashi Ninagawa (MS)
    • ”                                  – Iori Enjo (MS)
  • My Sweet Bodyguard- Kaiji Akizuki (MS)
    • ”                            – Hideki Ishigami (MS)
    • ”                            – Toru Kurosawa (MS)
  • Kiss of Revenge- Soichiro Irie (MS)
  • Pirates in Love- Morgan (MS)
    • ”                – Leonardo (MS)
    • ”                – Eduardo (MS)
  • A Knights Devotion- Gaia (MS)
  • Star Crossed Myth- Karno (MS)

That’s pretty much it for the sale. Man I have spent ALOT on games these past 2 months… eeek!

Right, I’m going to get my butt in gear and get the right answer combinations for Goto and then type it all up! New guides inbound!

EDIT: I can’t seem to get any increase on the gauge after episode 4 of Goto’s tethered hearts story, so I’m guessing none of the answer combos actually give anything? Who knows!


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