[Her Love in the Force] Jin Namba~ MS1: Meeting Him


Ah I liked the Chief very much. He’s my second favourite guy from this app, and I was super excited when his Tethered Hearts story got released!

♥♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “Thank you.”
  • Greet him.

Episode 2

  • Speak to him
  • “N-Nothing.”

Episode 3

  • “N-No, I wasn’t!”
  • “How about a pain patch?”

Episode 4

  • “Where to?”
  • Give it to the Chief

Episode 5

  • “Stop teasing!”
  • “Well, actually…”

Episode 6

  • “So cool…”
  • Discuss fabric softener

Episode 7

  • “Wh-What?!”
  • Glare at the Chief.

Episode 8

  • “Can I really do this?”
  • “A little…”

Episode 9

  • “Let me carry on.”
  • “Okay.”

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