[Her Love in the Force] Seiji Goto~ Tethered Hearts (Sequel)


FINALLY!! Gosh, this guy was hard work.

I played through and got his happy ending on my first run, and then when I went to go back and playthrough for the answers for the guide, I can’t for the life of me remember my blasted choices!! I know I said I’d get some guides out early this weekend on my update post but seriously this story had me in such a fluster, I pretty much ragequit before I trashed my phone! Anyway, I finally got there!

This walkthrough will get you the Happy Ending, by the skin of your teeth. It was seriously close, but for some reason I could not figure out the high affinity answers. Still, it’s done. Phew!!

♥♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “Well we’re working on the same case”
  • I don’t know

Episode 2

  • “Is it ok if I call you sometimes?”
  • “My underwear is way cuter!”

Episode 3

  • “I wanna feed you, too…”
  • “I can’t decide…”

Episode 4

  • “I’m fine with a bar or something.”
  • “What are you saying?”

Episode 5

  • Offer a handkerchief
  • “I won’t speak to a soul!”

Episode 6

  • Consult Ishigami
  • “The others told me you’d be here”

Episode 7

  • “I have faith in Goto”
  • Direct the public

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