[Her Love in the Force] Jin Namba~ MS2: Falling in Love


Round 2 with the Chief.

♥♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “The chief.”
  • “I want to see you shoot…”

Episode 2

  • Say hello
  • “Thank you.”

Episode 3

  • “This is a surprise…”
  • “What’s wrong?”

Episode 4

  • “I made the chief angry.”
  • “Sorry for freezing on the trigger.”

Episode 5

  • Gathering and analysing info
  • “I’ll do my best!”

Episode 6

  • “You sound like the chief.”
  • “What about you?”

Episode 7

  • “I want to say something.”
  • “You know how I feel…”

Episode 8

  • “You think so?”
  • “I’ll call for backup!”

Episode 9

  • Hug him
  • “You saw that, huh?”

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