[Her Love in the Force] Seiji Goto~ MS2: Falling in Love


Oh my goodness!! I didn’t realise until just now when going to update my walkthrough list and previous ‘upcoming’ posts that I hadn’t actually posted Goto’s Falling in Love guide!! Aww man that’s embarrassing. I’m going to blame it on being in work and rushing… yes, that’s what it was! Sorry!! Or perhaps it was because I typed up my answers on the computer instead of in my usual notebook and then my brain decided to take that as making the guide on here? Who knows…

♥♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • He’s unexpectedly friendly
  • Okay!

Episode 2

  • They’re a good combo
  • I’ll pay attention…

Episode 3

  • Let’s have yakiniku!
  • “You can tell?”

Episode 4

  • “Goto”
  • “Just playing with the cat”

Episode 5

  • “You’re making fun of me?”
  • “Goto is acting strange.”

Episode 6

  • “Disturbing you?”
  • “From Instructor Soma…”

Episode 7

  • “About Instructor Goto…”
  • “Got it.”

Episode 8

  • Watch what Goto does
  • “Calm down!”

Episode 9

  • Hug him back
  • “Yes.”

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