A week away makes Bec a dull girl…

Oops! So I’ve been on annual leave for the past 10 days or so and it seems the only time I tend to do any mobile gaming or walkthroughs is when I’m in all tucked up in bed in work! Hence no new posts for a little bit.

I’m in work as I type this though so hopefully within the next hour or so there should be a new walkthrough post. Although who for I’m not certain!

I really want to finish my HLITF guides to make the complete set but I’ve completely lost my notes for Ishigami and Shinonome so it’ll mean going back through the 3 routes for each of them all over again. Which is fine, but there’s some new games and guys out there that I haven’t played yet…. Ahhh the dilemma is too real!

Keep your eyes peeled folks…. new guides abound!


Also on another totally random note. Gaming with the xbox is fun. My week off may have been otome and mobile gaming free but…. I played a shed load of Smite and ESO.

In fact, I’ve managed to get my Neith up to mastery 8 I believe, which I feel isn’t too bad considering I’ve only been playing for just over a week (*cough* don’t mention the double xp & worshippers weekend *cough*) aaaand that’s also whilst playing as other amazing deities… I’m looking at you Chang’e, Sol and Ravana!

Cannot for the life of me play as an assassin though. Man they are hard to play. Still I suppose practice makes perfect…

ENOUGH! I leave you now to go and romance some cute guys and write notes!

And also a quick pic of one of my new ESO characters…

ren 002.png

I like how pretty the basic iron armour is (that he totally DID NOT steal straight away) that you can pick up right off the bat. Hehe, grumpy altmer is a big grump, bless him.


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