[Her Love in the Force] Ayumu Shinonome~ MS1: Meeting Him


Mister Mean Mushroom Head. Took me a while to get the Happy Ending for his first story, but I got there eventually. Playing through his routes again made me reconsider, yes he’s still a dick, but I like him a little more than before.

Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “I’m not going to.”
  • “I’ll manipulate the cameras.”

Episode 2

  • “Don’t look!”
  • “My finger hurts.”

Episode 3

  • “I’m a victim too!”
  • “No. Teach me.”

Episode 4

  • “She’s beautiful.”
  • “No one would get anything from that.”

Episode 5

  • “I’m the one who worked.”
  • Ask Soma.

Episode 6

  • “I’d like to talk with you.”
  • “Thank you!”

Episode 7

  • “Only three hours?”
  • “No!”

Episode 8

  • “I’m doing facial exercises…”
  • “This is thanks to you too!”

Episode 9

  • “Huh? Is this real?”
  • “Thank you…”

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