Nearly finished!

So I’m nearly done with Her Love In The Force! Aww, it’s been a fun run guys and to be honest, even with some of the stories feeling a little lacking, it’s my favourite app by Voltage so far. Of course there’s plenty of time and apps to knock it from that spot, and I’ve got loads lined up to play next.

As it stands though, I’m wrapped up all cosy with my small bar of galaxy and milkshake, nursing a hangover from hell today. The by-product of far too much wine being consumed last night- yuck! It did make for some fun gaming though, apparently I give zero fucks when drunk and will charge right in to a fight. Looking at my game today, it seems I actually did pretty well, all things considered. So who knows, maybe drunk gaming is the way forward for me? I ploughed through so many quests! Hah. The killer hangover is a bit of a downer though, so on second thoughts, maybe not!

I’m all set up to run through Shinonome and his stories tonight, so if all goes to plan there should be his 3 guides coming out by the end of the evening. Woohoo!

Little side note, I didn’t particularly like him much. He’s just a bit too much of a dick at times and I had to grit my teeth with him a lot. But I’ve just played one of the side stories relating to Christmas and oh dear lord his CG was just so damn fine! Glasses really suit the little mushroom head jerk!!


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