[Her Love in the Force] Shusuke Soma~ MS2: Falling in Love~ Secret Stories

A quick guide to get the secret stories for Soma’s MS2 route – =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

Episode 2

  • You must be tired too
  • Let me do it a little longer (SS1)

Episode 5

  • Is Sugimura well?
  • I feel embarrassed. (SS2)

Episode 9

  • “Did you hear?”
  • “You too?” (SS3)


I already had Secret Story 1 unlocked from my happy ending playthrough, but not the other 2 Secret Stories.

I did a quick run through and used different answers to what was in my happy ending guide but only managed to get the 3rd Secret Story, alongside the good ending, so I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to a good ending or the choices I made in Episode 9. Also the story didn’t become unlocked until the end of the good ending, so you’ll need to bear with it ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ hehe.

I unlocked the 2nd Secret Story on another playthrough after that but the choices I picked bumped me up into the happy ending so it’s not guaranteed you’d unlock the 3rd SS following my Happy Ending guide and just subbing the answers for those above ^^ because it will get you a happy ending and not a good ending. Who knows! Hopefully it’s just tied into the answers in Ep 9 and you can just pick that from the menu to play through?!

Hopefully that all makes some sort of sense, it’s hard for me to explain!!






One thought on “[Her Love in the Force] Shusuke Soma~ MS2: Falling in Love~ Secret Stories

  1. Well I’ve been trying to unlock the last story and with the Happy and Good endings I still haven’t gotten it 😡 I even tried not fast forwarding through it… hmm I’ll keep working on it. Also your directions make complete sense!


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