Hiatus~ ヾ( *・ω・)ノ

So I’ve been away for a while.

And by that I just mean I’ve been a bad blog person. Yes I know, the term is blogger but in all honesty I don’t feel I can be called that right now (or ever).

Xbone has taken over my life. Or it had. We’re officially on a break…

Smite and I have had words. Well, until they bring out the next content thingymajig which I believe is based around the Egyptian pantheon (●♡∀♡) ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) and oh boy do I love those gods/goddesses. So yeah, you have me until then.

What have I been doing on there? (Because of course you’d like to know, right?) Well I’ll tell you….

Nothing exciting. Hah, I got you. Nah in all seriousness-ness-ness I’ve just been concentrating on smashing clash and getting my lovely Sol up to X.

Done ✔

So now I have Neith, Bastet and Sol up there in the Xs. I love those ladies, er cat ladies, balls of fire…. whatever.

But I have this issue of who to pick next. I was thinking Chang’e because she’s my next highest at 2 or 3 and I have some double worshipper things to use, but then I played a few games with her and sucked so bad. Like what’s happened to me/her? We used to be so good together… she was my first mage o(╥﹏╥)o

Anyway. I decided to give old Smooti-Smite a rest for now- we were exchanging angry words each night (or y’know, I was screeching at the tv) and it wasn’t fun.

So now I’m back on Steam and trying desperately to finish those bloody puzzles in this Otome Romance Jigsaws and I have ONE achievement left for it and it’s taking forever. There’s a 60, 240 and 350 classic mode for each puzzle (16 of them) and then there’s the Ikémen mode with 60, 240 and 350 pieces. So that’s 6 of each puzzle, which makes (tried adding in head but am shite at maths so will use calculator… ok so I think my laptop is fucked, it won’t open any windows type programs (੭ ・᷄﹏・᷅)੭ु⁾ – will have to grab the actual real life calculator… where is it?!) Got it. Right so that’s 96 puzzles… and I don’t take breaks whilst doing a puzzle, because I didn’t know you could save your progress until I just read up on it on the store page… ahahaha, silly me! It takes me like an hour max to do the classic 350 piece puzzle… and I’m looking at all the puzzles I have yet to complete and my soul is dying slightly.

But I really want that last achievement so I’ll knuckle down and get on with it. On the plus side, I’ve donealltheohforfucksakesmylaptopisfriedandwontwork.stupidspacebardoesntworkandneitherdoestheenterbuttonohbutbackspacedoes.weird


Ok, so I think the laptop is back on track? I’ll wrap this up quick before it decides to go into meltdown again (hah that’s my favourite Sol skin) and just say that I should be able to bust out some guides real soon for the games I promised some time ago. I’ve bought them so I kinda need to play them right?

That’s the plan. Doesn’t mean it’ll go that way because as mentioned above I’m focused on the jigsaw game, but I do hope to be done with that in the next few days as I’ve completed the Ikemen modes for all of the puzzles and I’ve done about half of the guys in Midnight Cinderella, so just the other half of them and then all those Samurai from Destined to Love… I’m going to crack on with it now actually *sigh* it’s going to be a long night….


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