[Irresistible Mistake] Shunichiro Tachibana~ MS~ Heartfelt Ending


New game! It’s probably been out a while but I stumbled across it when I was on HLITF the other day (love they’ve finished up each guys’ routes!) and noticed they were doing a ‘Free Main story for the 1st guy’ event, so of course I had to investigate!

As far as the story, it’s not too shabby!

♥ Heartfelt Ending

Story 1

  • “Isn’t there something else?”
  • Stare back at him.

Story 2

  • “It made me happy, too.”
  • “I’ll be careful.”

Story 3

  • “I’ll work on a new idea.”
  • “You want a promotion?”

Story 4

  • “I’ve never had brandy.”
  • Try smiling.

Story 5

  • “It’s really not a pipe dream?”
  • “We should get back.”

Story 6

  • “I envy you.”
  • “I want to talk to you.”

Story 7

  • “You don’t cook?”
  • “I’m happy, too.”

Story 8

It would seem that no matter what options I chose they all moved towards the Provocative Ending so pick whichever options you like :3

  • “Don’t stop.”
  • “It has nothing to do with you.”

Story 9

  • Apologize for avoiding him.
  • “No, I like it too.”

Story 10

  • “Thanks for defending me.”
  • “You were serious about me?”

Story 11

  • “I want to pick it.”
  • “What else do you like?”

Story 12

  • “Of course I’ll go!”
  • “We’ll win.”


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