[Irresistible Mistake] Shunichiro Tachibana~ MS~ Provocative Ending


♥ Provocative Ending

(Quite a few of the choices available give + points towards the provocative ending so feel free to experiment as some combinations may give more of a boost than others!)

Story 1

  • “I’ll do my best.”
  • Change the subject.

Story 2

  • “Do you mean that?”
  • “My strengths?”

Story 3

  • “You’re really sure about that?”
  • “There isn’t anyone you like?”

Story 4

  • “That’s cool.”
  • Look away

Story 5

  • “I totally agree.”
  • “You know that’s not why.”

Story 6

  • Ask what Mr Tachibana was like.
  • “Hungry?”

Story 7

  • “I’ll cook for real next time.”
  • “I want to make a commercial like that.”

Story 8

  • “Are you not in the mood?”
  • “You were eavesdropping?”

Story 9

  • Act cool
  • “It’s out of character.”

Story 10

  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “You’re saying this now.”

Story 11

  • “That’s really nice.”
  • “Isn’t work your hobby?”

Story 12

  • Look at Mr. Kijima.
  • “You’re sure about this?”

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