[Scandal in the Spotlight] Kyohei Rikudoh~ MS1~ Dramatic Love


I’m making the most of the free routes! I’ve played 2 of the guys from this game in the past [and still have to write up my walkthroughs for them…] so thought I’d check out Kyohei whilst he’s free too. There are 2 endings available for the ms1- Dramatic Love & Romantic Time.

♥Dramatic Love

Episode 1

  • Apologise for earlier
  • “You should get some rest”

Episode 2

  • Sit next to Kyohei
  • Thank him for carrying you

Episode 3

  • Ask Kyohei how he would write it
  • This is embarrassing

Episode 4

  • Go over to Kyohei
  • Wonder if Kyohei would allow it

Episode 5

  • Look for Kyohei
  • You’re so nice, Kyohei

Episode 6

  • “That’s a bit of an exaggeration.”
  • “I wonder if that’s true…”

Episode 7

  • Think it over carefully
  • “What if the paparazzi sees this?”

Episode 8

  • Close your eyes
  • “You’re all wrong!”

Episode 9

  • Squeeze his hand
  • Tell him he’s terrible

Episode 10

  • Hug him
  • “I have writer’s block”

Episode 11

  • Smile so he doesn’t worry
  • Kiss him back

Episode 12

  • I want to see Kyohei…
  • Run over to him D

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