[Scandal in the Spotlight] Iori Enjo~ MS1~ Dramatic Love


For Episode 12 it shouldn’t really matter what answers you pick so long as you’ve followed the guide and maxed out the meter, I only say this because after picking the 2 choices it goes straight into the ending and doesn’t show you the affects on the meter [if that makes sense?]

I did manage to figure out the Dramatic Love answers because I was just over into the Romantic side before the last chapter and the answers I chose tipped me over into the Dramatic category, I’ve tried to do it the other way but couldn’t manage to get the gauge close to the mark again lol.

♥ Dramatic Love

Episode 1

  • Apologise
  • “It’s nothing.” 

Episode 2

  • “I don’t think so.”
  • Ask for an explanation

Episode 3

  • Look at Iori
  • “Is it really okay?” 

Episode 4

  • Remain silent to get his attention
  • “I don’t know”

Episode 5

  • “Sorry”
  • “I don’t even know myself”

Episode 6

  • “Stop making stuff up!”
  • “Not at all.”

Episode 7

  • “Are you sure you don’t want me to come?”
  • I won’t tell you

Episode 8

  • “What were they like?”
  • “I want to show Iori first” 

Episode 9

  • “What about the song?”
  • “No it’s not!”

Episode 10

  • “I ran into Mr Yokoyama”
  • “Is there something on my face?”

Episode 11

  • “He called me”
  • Apologise

Episode 12

  • Talk back D
  • “Do you want to watch Iori?”

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