[Scandal in the Spotlight] Takashi Ninagawa~ MS1~ Dramatic Love


Gah! I remember how much this route peeved me last time I went through it [and forgot to take notes!] It seems that I mess up so badly on this one and keep choosing answers that give nothing on the meter [episode 4 I’m looking at you!! the 3 combos I chose first off all gave nothing… boooo!] It doesn’t effect the story much, there’s still plenty of time to rack up the points for each ending so I’m just going to say that Ep4 is a no pointer for both routes… feel free to let me know if you’ve found a combo that actually gives points please!!

I’ve managed to get his Drama end, still trying for the Romantic one. Maybe he doesn’t have one?! [haha jk, I know he does honest]

Side note, I really love Takashi despite his route being hard for me ❤

♥ Dramatic Love

Episode 1

  • “Nothing happened…”
  • Bring them water and towels

Episode 2

  • Remain still and quiet
  • Say something to Takashi

Episode 3

  • “I’ll help you look for your file.”
  • Talk to Takashi

Episode 4

  • Jump up happily
  • How much do you want?

Episode 5

  • Have each member share a memory
  • Lift his shoulders up

Episode 6

  • “Your story is really touching.”
  • Ok. I’m ready for my lesson, teacher!

Episode 7

  • “I don’t think I did anything wrong.”
  • Sing a song to wake him gently.

Episode 8

  • Go help him
  • “I’m too scared to sleep.”

Episode 9

  • Wait in the room until he’s done working
  • “I’ll do it!”

Episode 10

  • “I want to go with you.”
  • Say I’ve been thinking of the lyrics

Episode 11

  • “Thanks to you guys.”
  • Take his hand

Episode 12

  • Do as I’m told
  • “I wouldn’t miss it.”



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