[Scandal in the Spotlight] Takashi Ninagawa~ MS1~ Romantic Time


I finally did it! Seriously Taka, you are so hard to please!! Again Ep4 doesn’t seem to have any good outcomes, although I may be wrong I’d had enough of going back and trying different combos.

♥ Romantic Time

Episode 1

  • “We ran into each other in the bath.”
  • Shake their hands and congratulate them

Episode 2

  • Work up the courage to say something
  • Suggest taking a break

Episode 3

  • “Are you finished with recording?”
  • Give up and put notebook away

Episode 4

  • Grab Takeshi’s hands
  • I’ll make you dinner tomorrow in return

Episode 5

  • Add more solos
  • Call Kyohei

Episode 6

  • “There’s something in my eye.”
  • You have pretty hands, Takashi.

Episode 7

  • “Are you mad?”
  • Shake his shoulder

Episode 8

  • Watch what happens
  • “I just came down for some water.”

Episode 9

  • Ask him about it
  • “Why don’t we write it altogether?”

Episode 10

  • “Lets ask Kyohei first.”
  • Pretend I’m just tired

Episode 11

  • “This is what I do.”
  • Shake my head

Episode 12

  • Get mad at his selfishness
  • “Is it really okay for me to go?”


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