Wizard- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Wizard- lives in the Wizard Tower outside of Pelican Town... because of course he does. M Rasmodius is his name, wizarding is his game. Birthday- Winter 17 ♥♥ Loves Prismatic Shard Purple Mushroom Rabbit's Foot Solar Essence Void Essence ♥ Likes Amaranth Aquamarine Blue Jazz Earth Crystal Esperite Frozen Tear Honey Jelly Omelet Parsnip Pomegranate … Continue reading Wizard- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Willy- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Willy- Lives in his shop at the beach, and sells a variety of fishing related items. When not manning the shop he can be found fishing or relaxing at the Saloon. Birthday- Summer 24 ♥♥ Loves Catfish Diamond Iridium Bar Octopus Prismatic Shard Pumpkin Rabbit's Foot Sea Cucumber Sturgeon ♥ Likes Baked Fish Beer Carp … Continue reading Willy- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Vincent- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Vincent- lives in Pelican Town with his mum and brother and once you get into the 2nd year his dad comes back from the army. He really looks up to Sam and wants to be just like him when grows up. Birthday- Spring 10 ♥♥ Loves Cranberry Candy Grape Pink Cake Prismatic Shard Rabbit's Foot … Continue reading Vincent- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Shane- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Shane- oh Shane, what can I say about you except Y U NO MARRIAGE?! Seriously though, have they rolled out the update for him yet? This grumpy fella really warms up when you get to friend status and it's near impossible to not fall for him. Gahhh. Oh he also really seems to like Hot … Continue reading Shane- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Sandy- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Sandy- lives in the Calico Desert and won't be reachable until you complete the Vault bundle that repairs the bus. She owns the shop Oasis, and turns a blind eye to Mr Qi and his doings with the Casino. Birthday- Fall 15 ♥♥ Loves Crocus Daffodil Prismatic Shard Rabbit's Foot Sweet Pea ♥ Likes All … Continue reading Sandy- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Robin- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Robin- the resident carpenter and handy woman, mother of Maru and Sebastian and wife to Demetrius (he's her 2nd husband) Birthday- Fall 21 ♥♥ Loves Goat Cheese Peach Prismatic Shard Rabbit's Foot Spaghetti ♥ Likes All Fruit All Milk Blackberry Blue Jazz Cherry Crocus Honey Pizza Potato Salad Strawberry Sunflower Sweet Pea Tulip I won't … Continue reading Robin- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Pierre- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Pierre- owns the General Store and pretty much stays there, he goes out on a Friday to socialize with others.. and that's about it! Doesn't get on all that well with his daughter Abigail. Birthday- Spring 26 ♥♥ Loves Fried Calamari Prismatic Shard Rabbit's Foot ♥ Likes All Eggs All Milk Blue Jazz Cauliflower Coffee … Continue reading Pierre- Stardew Valley Gift Guide