My Favourites

This page is just a little insight into the games I’ve played and really enjoyed and also a nod to those characters that I absolutely adore ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) most of the games I mention here aren’t mobile games, they’re more than likely (if not all) played on Steam and I do have notes and guides jotted down for them somewhere but with games like Amnesia and Ozmafia!! it’ll take me forever to work out some sort of simple layout and system for the walkthroughs. Ozmafia!! especially with the love triangle routes… one day I may get round to typing it all up, maybe.

~The first Otome style game I played on my computer was Amnesia: Memories [2] and ooh boy what an introduction to the genre! It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for me as I had the oh so lovely misfortune of deciding to go with the Diamond world… yeah, Toma was certainly a shock for my Otome-virgin heart. (and he’s pretty mild compared to other games and characters so I’ve heard!) His kind of character is not really my cup of tea, I won’t go into specifics in case any of you haven’t played the game, I really don’t want to spoil it for you! I guess I was just lucky in that you can’t pick Joker as your first playthrough…

I got to a certain point, thought ‘what the hell am I playing?!’ saved the game and started a new game with another world ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ) I think I did Ikki next and really liked him.

But, and here we go, my favourite character of the game has to be Kent ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ and this now really isn’t a surprise to those people who know me and my gaming preferences.

So yes, it all pretty much started with Kent and those hot damn glasses and awkward glances!

kent cropped.jpg Just look at that face!! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Next up I played Ozmafia!! and this game is another gem for me. It’s got a softer art style when comparing it to Amnesia and I think it suits the game well. It’s centred around different fairy-tale characters and the MC and it has quite a few characters to choose from. It’s another game that I highly recommend to anyone interested in Otome.

And of course, it has my megane guy to keep me happy. Axel is, for want of a better phrase, gert lush. I’m from Somerset. It’s a very high form of praise, hehe. I really could gush about him all day.

axel-cropped*drool* Mr Tin-Man himself.

I think up next I’ll give Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons [2] a mention. What a fantastic game! I play it on steam but it’s similar to otome games for mobile in that you can read the prologue and first episode/chapter for free (I’m not 100% but they may have upped it to 3 chapters for free?) and then you pay for each guy’s main story and epilogue. I’ll admit I was at first put off by the idea of having to pay for the routes like a mobile app, but since then I’ve found out why the developers have done this and it makes sense. Also the quality of the stories and the whole game in itself is absolutely worth it all! The MC feels a little different in each route, and she actually has a backbone! Which is refreshing when it comes to Otome games. This game is humorous, pretty and has lovely music to boot!

Aeon Dream Studios have recently finished their kickstarter campaign for funding towards the Deluxe version of MD:SOA and also towards their next game Mystic Destinies: Echoes, which I’ve backed and looks so good! Super excited for the last guy’s route to be released for MD:SOA and for a couple Epilogues too. This game is highly recommended for Otome fans, I tell everyone I meet about it because I really feel that it’s one of those must play games of the genre!!

So here you have my favourite chap from MD:SOA and yes, you’ve guessed it. He’s got glasses!!! Introducing Tatsuya Yukimura, best boy by far in this game. No lies!

tatsu-crop Gah, so cute!

Now this will surprise you! The next 3 games I want to mention are made by Cheritz and they’re all very different, in my opinion. That they’re made by Cheritz is not the surprising bit, what you’ll be amazed by is that my favourite guys in 2 of the games don’t actually have glasses!! (」゜ロ゜)」I guess that’s because none of the guys do? If I remember correctly?

The first I played (and have yet to complete because I suck at stat building games) is Dandelion- Wishes brought to you. [2]. I won’t say much because I’m terrible for opening my mouth and a bunch of spoilers usually come tumbling out so all I’ll say is, cute animal eared guys and my favourite was Jiwoo, with Jisoo coming in at a very close second!

jiwoo-crop-2  jisoo-crop Hot damn!

Gah, looking at all the CGs and screenshots really makes me want to finish this game!- I will, eventually. I honestly am so rubbish at stat building games, I can’t remember how many times I got the bad ending in Dandelion because I hadn’t got my stats up enough, trust me, it got tedious!

Next is Nameless [2] and I feel it’s a bit of an oddball. It’s still the typical Otome but there’s just something about it that I can’t quite describe, thankfully there’s no stats to build so that’s a plus! I can’t even begin to describe the story or plot to you all, it took me ages to get into this game, that being said though I did still really enjoy it!

I think out of all the characters my favourite in Nameless is Red. I don’t usually go for the bubbly red head, my typical go-to guys are bespectacled and grumpy, so Red was a nice change of pace for me!

red-crop Bless him, so angry in this.

So the third and final game from Cheritz, and my favourite of theirs has to be Mystic Messenger, which is actually played on your mobile device. Oh goodness it is just so damn amazing. It’s terribly addictive, I warn you all in advance, do not start it unless you have a ton of free time to spare or you’ll be buying hourglasses left, right and centre!

Hourglasses are the ingame currency that you use to purchase missed chats and to unlock the Deep Story and extra bits and bobs.

This game robbed me of my life for weeks, honest, just ask my husband! It’s basically a chat room where you communicate with the 5 romance options and some extra characters. I don’t want to give anything away and it’s so tempting for me to just tell you guys everything!! I haven’t completed the CG albums in this game yet, I have like 5 or 6 CGs missing overall and it’s so frustrating because I have no idea how to get them. Also I do believe they’ve released extra content?

I need to check that out ASAP! Oh and my favourite character in this game is easily, hands down, flat out…. *drum roll*…

707. Red headed, glasses wearing, junk food binging, hacker meme-lord and all round love of my life. Seriously. I adore Seven. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

Another great thing about Cheritz is that their games are fully voiced. Some amazing Korean voice acting coming out of their games, and of course, Seven’s voice is just perfect!

dd770af12707b147e8ffd9c385d8fe4ce3dc2499_full Seriously, what’s not to love about this crazy fool? << One of his emoji’s that I use for pretty much everything.

Code: Realize~ Guardian of Rebirth for PSVita- another amazing game, and the sole reason why I bought myself a vita, hehe. I was instantly hooked with the story setting, the artwork and it has fantastic voice acting!!

There’s no surprise as to who my favourite character could be…. yep. Abraham Van Helsing; glasses toting, gun slinging hunter of supernatural beasties. He’s drool worthy. That is all. Oh and his VA is spot on.

Second favourite guy in this game is Impey Barbicane. These 2 guys are polar opposites and I like that. Impey is a bundle of energy and never failed to make me smile throughout the game!

van-helsing-crop Dreamy VH… and not forgetting Impey….

impey-crop That smile!!!


More recently I bought and fell in love with Hakuoki: Kyoto winds on steam.

Now I know Hakuoki has been around for a while on ps3 and DS/Vita (maybe? I cba to actually go check if they’re the right platforms) but it’s been localised and shoved on steam in a two part game.

So Kyoto Winds is the first part [durr] and I love it! Being split into 2 parts the romance doesn’t really kick in until the very end and even then it’s extremely mild, not really romance more like a liking to the MC by the bishies.

I do recommend this game if you haven’t already played the previous versions, this split game apparently has 6 extra guys to romance? Anyway, go check it out!

Ooh and I really loved Yamazaki and Souma in this game.

I’ve played other Shinsengumi centred games and already knew about (and loved) Saito and Hijikata so of course they’re a given for me, but I was really impressed with how sweet Souma was, I suppose it helps [A lot] that his voice actor is one of my favourites!! [the game doesn’t show up on his page though, yet]. Poor Yamazaki as a real rough time throughout every route, but I loved him as a character and love interest, gah so cute.

I don’t really have any pics of them, mainly because all the pics I do have are from the different games, not Kyoto Winds so I won’t post them.


I think that’s my games and guys list exhausted for now. No doubt I will add to this in time, these are just the ones that have really stuck out to me as being great Otome games.

This totally wasn’t just an excuse to go hunting for pictures of my fave guys and then spamming them on here… honestly!