[Scandal in the Spotlight] Iori Enjo~ MS1~ Dramatic Love

For Episode 12 it shouldn't really matter what answers you pick so long as you've followed the guide and maxed out the meter, I only say this because after picking the 2 choices it goes straight into the ending and doesn't show you the affects on the meter [if that makes sense?] I did manage to … Continue reading [Scandal in the Spotlight] Iori Enjo~ MS1~ Dramatic Love

Kent- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Kent- comes back to Pelican Town in the 2nd year of the game after serving in the army. Birthday- Spring 4 ♥♥ Loves Fiddlehead Risotto Prismatic Shard Rabbit's Foot Roasted Hazelnuts ♥ Likes All Eggs All Fruits Beer Blackberry Blue Jazz Cheese Cauliflower Crispy Bass Daffodil Mayo Melon Omelet Parsnip Sweet Pea I won't add … Continue reading Kent- Stardew Valley Gift Guide