[My Wedding and 7 Rings] Seiichirou Hayami~ Main Story~ Super Happy Ending


My first character in this series. I had to, just look at those glasses!! Megane guys are my weakness, I can’t help it (〃 ̄◡ ̄〃)ゞ you may notice this as you read through my posts. I do tend to pick the guy with glasses first, there’s just something about them… teehee.

♥♥ Super Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • I want to get married on my own terms
  • That might be a good idea…

Episode 2

  • You’re good at everything
  • I went to my Uncle’s house…

Episode 3

  • “It’s bad for my health!”
  • … I know

Episode 4

  • Not particularly
  • You’ve got it all wrong!

Episode 5

  • Take it easy
  • Enough already!

Episode 6

  • Be careful not to overwork yourself
  • It still makes me happy

Episode 7

  • You really do look after me, don’t you?
  • Unfortunately not…

Episode 8

  • Say the first thing that comes to mind
  • I like it a lot

Episode 9

  • Give him a smile
  • Ask if something happened

Episode 10

  • No, Mr Hayami kicked me out
  • Yes, I overheard…

Episode 11

  • Quietly close your eyes
  • Is that how it looks..?

Episode 12

  • Exactly…
  • Run after him


[Star-Crossed Myth] Krioff~ Main Story~ Forbidden Ending


Here we go with Krioff’s Forbidden Ending which took me several attempts to get… guess I must be a Blessed girl at heart!

Forbidden Ending

Story 1

  • Ask Leon what he meant
  • “I want to ask Zyglavis about this”

Story 2

  • “…”
  • “I don’t want to go back, but…”

Story 3

  • Help Dui
  • “Anyone is fine”

Story 4

  • (I know, but)
  • Leave the matter of the glove be

Story 5

  • “I don’t know”
  • Don’t ask until he brings it up

Story 6

  • “Why?”
  • “Anything is fine”

Story 7

  • “So-so”
  • Talk to Haruka

Story 8

  • “I wouldn’t have fallen in the first place”
  • Don’t say anything for now

Story 9

  • A delicious dessert
  • “Forget about me”

Story 10

  • I don’t know
  • Consult with the Gods

Story 11

  • Call Krioff’s name
  • Call his name

Story 12

  • Call Krioff’s name
  • Don’t say anything

[Star-Crossed Myth] Krioff~ Main Story~ Blessed Ending


Krioff you little beauty! I wanted to play his route so badly, he was definitely my second choice after Zyglavis and I was gutted when I realised he wasn’t available/translated. I’m happy now though, he was absolutely worth the wait and I’m excited for the release of his other stories!! (。♥‿♥。) Anyway, without further ado I present his Blessed Ending!

Blessed Ending

Story 1

  • Feel like you can’t ask anyone
  • “Can I go to work tomorrow?”

Story 2

  • “As good as can be expected…”
  • “Just a little longer…”

Story 3

  • Call Krioff’s name
  • “Krioff”

Story 4

  • “I’ll cooperate with you”**
  • Leave the matter of the glove be

Story 5

  • “We’re making it work”
  • Wait for your chance

Story 6

  • “We’re in trouble”
  • “Just stay with me”

Story 7

  • “Better than before”
  • Wait for the perfect chance

Story 8

  • “I wouldn’t resent him”
  • Wait for Krioff to say something

Story 9

  • Krioff
  • “I trust you”

Story 10

  • “This is probably my fault”
  • Jump into the hole

Story 11

  • Get closer
  • Chase after him

Story 12

  • Hug Krioff
  • “I want to save you”

** My notes are a little messy at this point and it looks like I originally chose “I’ll cooperate with you” but then in brackets next to that I’ve got (I want to know why). Usually if an option I’ve picked doesn’t give the desired result I cross it out in my notes but the first answer is uncrossed so I’m guessing I’ve stuck with the original ¯\(©¿©) /¯


^^ See? Confusing. Also you now know that I have awful handwriting when I rush things.

Teeny lie there, that writing isn’t too rushed… yuck.