Hiatus~ ヾ( *・ω・)ノ

So I've been away for a while. And by that I just mean I've been a bad blog person. Yes I know, the term is blogger but in all honesty I don't feel I can be called that right now (or ever). Xbone has taken over my life. Or it had. We're officially on a break... … Continue reading Hiatus~ ヾ( *・ω・)ノ


Nearly finished!

So I'm nearly done with Her Love In The Force! Aww, it's been a fun run guys and to be honest, even with some of the stories feeling a little lacking, it's my favourite app by Voltage so far. Of course there's plenty of time and apps to knock it from that spot, and I've … Continue reading Nearly finished!

A week away makes Bec a dull girl…

Oops! So I've been on annual leave for the past 10 days or so and it seems the only time I tend to do any mobile gaming or walkthroughs is when I'm in all tucked up in bed in work! Hence no new posts for a little bit. I'm in work as I type this though … Continue reading A week away makes Bec a dull girl…