Shane- Stardew Valley Gift Guide


Shane– oh Shane, what can I say about you except Y U NO MARRIAGE?! Seriously though, have they rolled out the update for him yet? This grumpy fella really warms up when you get to friend status and it’s near impossible to not fall for him. Gahhh. Oh he also really seems to like Hot Peppers.

UPDATE: As of update 1.1. Shane is now marriageable!!! Yes, look out Mr Grumpy Depressed Alcoholic- my new girl is coming for you!!!

Birthday- Spring 20

♥♥ Loves

  • Beer
  • Hot Peppers
  • Pepper Poppers
  • Pizza
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s Foot


  • All Eggs
  • All Fruit
  • Blackberry
  • Blue Jazz
  • Cheese
  • Coffee
  • Corn
  • Fairy Rose
  • Green Bean
  • Ice Cream
  • Juice
  • Mayo
  • Pale Ale
  • Sashimi
  • Sweet Pea

I won’t add the neutral and dislikes for any of the characters unless anyone really wants them- I tend to play my games as a nice character and don’t give people gifts they wouldn’t like… yes, I’m boring, I know! (¬‿¬)