Walkthrough List

Stardew Valley Gift Guide:

(I wrote down the gifts for this game quite a while ago (may 2016) so I could be missing some item/character combinations if there’s been any updates.)

I’ve put the characters you can actually romance at the top of the list and in bold/black

Voltage Inc Guides:

This will be an ongoing list. I’m slowly making my way through the different games and characters and I will update as often as I can (◕‿◕✿)

Her Love in the Force (COMPLETE)

I’ve played all routes currently available in this series but like the daft person I am, I forgot to write down my dialogue choices when playing through each route (◡︿◡✿) so now I plan on going back through each guy and his stories to write down my answers, which as you can guess is going to take some time! I did write down Ishigami’s routes (I played him first as he seemed like he’d be my favourite- he is!!!) but for some reason my notes aren’t in my book anymore… hmmm ( ̄へ ̄)

All done! What a fun series!

~Seiji Goto

Meeting Him ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

~Hyogo Kaga

Meeting Him ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

~Hideki Ishigami

Meeting Him ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

~Shusuke Soma

Meeting Him ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

~Ayumu Shinonome

Meeting Him  ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

~Jin Namba

Meeting Him ~ Falling in Love ~ Tethered Hearts

Star-Crossed Myth

This was I believe the first Voltage Inc game I decided to try out, and I was immediately drawn to Zyglavis. He has fabulous hair, is super pretty (and distant but that’s fine) and is a Libra (like myself) so I just had to play through his story first. Sadly I only got through the main story with one ending before I realised just how much money I was going to be sinking into these kind of games, and as much as I loved Zyg I felt that I couldn’t afford to continue with it, so as it stands for now I’ve still only done one story with him. That will change soon as I’ve bought more of his stories, and my little obsession with these type of games has gone past the point of ‘how much?!?!’…. probably not such a good thing but oh well! ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

I’ve since bought a couple routes and have finished Krioff’s main story and written up his guide. Yay!


Main Story~ Blessed Ending / Forbidden Ending


Main Story~ Blessed Ending / Forbidden Ending

My Wedding and 7 Rings

I’ve bought all of the main story routes for each guy in the sale so be prepared for a guide for those Super Happy Endings! I don’t think I’ll do Happy Ending guides as they’re usually the easiest to get anyway.

~Asahi Kakyouin

Main Story~ True Love / Forbidden

~Yamato Kougami

Main Story~

~Junta Nikaido

Main Story~

~Hiroto Chitose

Main Story~

~Ren Shibasaki

Main Story~

~Kai Fujisawa

Main Story~

~Seiichirou Hayami

Main Story~

Irresistible Mistake

I’ve only played through one main story for this game so far (and gotten both endings) and it seems like a pretty good game for me. I’m not sure how new it is but it definitely wasn’t in the store when I went on my last voltage game buying binge.

~Shunichiro Tachibana

Main Story~ Heartfelt Ending / Provocative Ending

Scandal in the Spotlight

I played this game a while ago and completed the main story for Iori and Takashi, but have yet to write up their guides. Kyohei has come up on one of Voltage’s offers so his main story route is free for a limited time. I recommend you try him out if you haven’t started this app yet!

~Kyohei Rikudoh

Main Story~ Dramatic Love / Romantic Time

~ Iori Enjo

Main Story~ Dramatic Love / Romantic Time

~ Takashi Ninagawa

Main Story~ Dramatic Love / Romantic Time

More to come:

  • After School affairs
  • Butler Until Midnight
  • Dangerous Seduction
  • Era of Samurai: Code of Love
  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
  • Love Letter from Thief X
  • Metro PD: Close to You
  • My Sweet Bodyguard

I’ve got pretty much every Novel style Voltage Inc app installed on my phone, but the games listed above are ones that I’ve invested some money in already and are waiting to be played or need to have their walkthroughs written up \_ヘ(◕‿◕✰)